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back after a year and a half

I finally have the internet after a year and a half of not having it. I think it was good to get away from it for a while though...I feel weird though, I'm not the same person I was a couple years, not in the slightest. You change once you have a family of your own I guess...and you could quite literally live in that bubble and not care much about anything else but I am forcing myself to write again. I think it's important...I need to anyway if I'm ever going to finish this book I'm planning on writing. I have had the worst writer's block for the longest time but I just don't have time to think about those things between the diapers and the feeding and the playing. Chloe is 13 months now and while she isn't walking quite yet, she is extremely close and that is scary! She's going to be fast! She is my everything, as is Kabe. I also started to work...kind of. I work from home as a Pampered Chef Consultant. I do home parties and sell their products. I've only been doing it for about 6 weeks now but I am really enjoying it and I am going to do all I can to keep it going. I'm basically running my own business and making my own schedule, which works out splendidly for staying home with Chloe. Kabe goes back to ISU in the fall to get a 2nd Degree...this time in Civil Engineering. He is going to be gone a lot the next couple of years and it's going to be rough but we know it's something that has to be done to put us in a better place. We can't have another baby until he's done with school and started a new job. Which I'm definitely fine with...I have my hands full with Chloe and don't know if I could handle another little one wanting all my attention. But I better go, for now. I am going to go watch Sesame Street with Chloe :) hehe
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